Why You Should Get A 3D Virtual Tour For Your Venue Today


Nowadays, photos and videos are the absolute minimum you would be expected to provide when marketing events venues, real estate, hotels and other income-generating spaces. Potential clients will want to see as much of the place as possible from their phones or laptops, and tours using just photos or videos are very much limited in allowing this. Enter the 3D virtual tour – potential clients are able to freely walk through whichever parts of the venue have been captured, at their own pace, in order to make better-informed decisions. Below we look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting a 3D virtual tour for your venue today.

You’ll reach many more people than through a physical tour

The beauty of virtual tours is that they can be accessed and viewed on pretty much any device with an internet connection, regardless of location. Think about the potential for this in terms of broadening your potential market and the amount of time that can be saved not having to spend time physically touring people through venues. You may now promote your venue to a couple in Asia looking to book a wedding venue in the UK just as easily as you could for a couple located nearby, at no extra cost!

In the long run, it’s cheaper to maintain than physical tours

Not just in monetary terms but also with time, if you aren’t required to physically tour people around venues that may not always be available due to ongoing bookings, then you free up your time for other matters. A one-off payment to have the tour filmed and then a minimal monthly payment to have it hosted online makes this very cost-effective in the medium-to-long term. If you can save your employees the hassle of showing people around, and also your client’s time, then it’s certainly a win-win situation.

It gives your business a modern look

Businesses that have been quick to implement 3D virtual tours and other technological upgrades have also been quick to reap the rewards. Nowadays, many clients expect venues to have such tours and photos are no longer enough to close sales. The majority of the time a client will choose a hotel with a 3D tour and photos, over one with just photos. Combined with other technology like conference room scheduler displays and visitor management systems, these do well to bring your business up-to-date with current systems and in the eyes of guests.

It makes great content

From filming one tour you can get a huge amount of content for marketing purposes. You can create a video of the tour, capture stills of different areas and highlights of the tour, as well as the ability to embed these tours into your business’ website. 


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