5 Best Birthday Gifts for Dads 2021


Dads deserve better than goofy socks, don’t they? Unfortunately, such fad gifts are a common choice for birthdays, Father’s Day and Christmas, and retailers are happy to oblige in producing and advertising these hideous, played-out gifts. We have literally the whole world to choose from when choosing gifts so why do many of us end up buying the same gimmicky products? Well fear not, below we look at 5 of the best birthday gifts for dads that will be genuinely appreciated.

1) A spa outing

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, a spa day. Such a gift used to be reserved for the mothers, but the modern man is just as inclined to look after themselves as much as women. Dads deserve to relax and get pampered too and they can have a full day or weekend to do this at one of the many spas around the country. Massages, facial and general pampering is what you can expect from a spa outing.

2) Apple Watch

Are analogue watches outdated? With all the marketing for digital watches, you might think so, but they really aren’t. There is enough space in the world for both and there will be those who can’t be (easily) converted into digital watch enthusiasts. Put a smile on your dad’s face with an Apple Watch for his birthday. This watch can do so much – it can monitor your health, connect to your iPhone, answer calls and even access the apps you have on your phone – great if you don’t want to keep reaching for your phone. The utility is pretty much unparalleled in watches and this is guaranteed to leave you with a happy dad.

3) A fragrance

Who doesn’t love a good fragrance? A quick spray on the neck and around other pulse points can make you feel like a new man in an instant. You can stick to your dad’s favourite old school fragrance or you could finally switch it up. I mean, the chances of him branching out and buying something new is unlikely so why not save him the hassle and do it for him. My recommendation would be a molecule perfume as those are proving to be a big hit right now at the fraction of the cost of some of the classic, luxury brands.

4) An e-reader

Who doesn’t love books? Burying your head in a good read on the commute to work or while relaxing at home is a great way to unwind, but physical books can be bulky and expensive in the long run. Give your dad an e-reader so he can carry thousands of books in a slim device that takes no effort to carry around. All you need is a wifi connection to download the latest book and you are good to go. Gone are the days of filling up half your bag with bulky books, also worrying if you are bending the covers or if there is potential water damage. An e-reader is a practical way of reading now and you can even zoom in and enlarge the font – great for those dads with worsening eyesight.

5) Woodwork tools

For the handyman dad, you can never have enough tools. Whether it be for the next home project or just general home maintenance, woodwork tools will always certainly have a use.


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